How to deregister Amazon account on jailbroken firestick?

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Try removing the account for that particular device if you are having issues with it. Go to Manage Your Content and Devices > Choose Your Device or App > to do this. Deregister

Your Amazon account is linked to your Fire Stick. I’m unable to provide you with any specific information regarding the registration process because I have no experience or knowledge of it. However, I have a few recommendations that might be helpful.

In order to deregister the device from your Amazon account, first look through all the options and see whether there is a corresponding setting. Most likely, you would click “registered devices” or “my devices.” The problem you’re experiencing might be as straightforward as this: For some reason, when you unboxed and connected your Fire Stick for setup, there was a glitch that didn’t properly register it with your Amazon account. As a result, now when you try to use Alexa voice commands to watch something on Prime Video, Alexa assumes you’re logged into a different account and disallows you from doing so.

Consider contacting Amazon support or traveling to one of their stores to see if they can assist you if going through the settings doesn’t work. Tell them what happened: You recently tried using your Fire Stick, which you purchased a while ago, and then things started acting up (i.e., Alexa not recognizing your Prime Video login when trying to watch via voice commands). Inform them that prior to it, everything was operating normally. Hopefully without requiring any additional information from you, like order numbers or anything similar, they might be able to manually delete your old registration and then register your Fire Stick with your new account.

You may also call Netflix. Since their system was the one that identified your Fire Stick as an already-registered device and blocked you from registering a new account with it, they might be able to assist you.

The majority of these issues can theoretically be resolved by performing a factory reset, but I wouldn’t advise doing so until advised to do so by support staff or if all other options have been explored. It might solve the problem, particularly if it appears to be caused by a firmware bug, but more likely, it would merely lead to future problems. Follow these steps if you’d prefer not to go into any detail regarding the problem:

Enter your Amazon account information. Select “Your Account.” Visit “Digital Content” (included in “Your Digital Library”) after that. It should open a new page with all of your Fire Sticks and any connected devices on it. Scroll down to the very bottom and seek for an option that says something like “Manage Your Content & Devices,” “Manage Your Fire & TV Settings,” or anything similar. Try deregistering each device independently by selecting it individually (you’ll likely need to input your login credentials once or twice). If this doesn’t work, contact Amazon help or stop by one of their locations and explain the situation. Request that they delete all of your connected devices from your account.

If it doesn’t work, you should perform a factory reset (but only if instructed to by support personnel or if all other avenues have been exhausted). A factory reset only removes the registration information; no personal data are lost. Because most devices aren’t associated with anything until they’re used for the first time, you’ll likely need to re-register each one separately after performing a factory reset.

Last but not least, if you’re still experiencing issues after attempting everything listed above, particularly if they continue even after a factory reset…

Check to see if Alexa is turned on if your Fire Stick has Alexa built in (many do these days). You may do this by visiting your Amazon account online and looking under “Amazon Devices”; you should be able to find your Fire Stick(s) there with a setting to enable or disable their interaction with Alexa. Disable it to see if that improves the situation. If not, turn off any additional voice control or smart assistant programs (Siri, Cortana, etc.) that may have been unintentionally enabled.

Another option is that your Fire Stick’s settings are set to a country other than the one in which you currently reside. If this is the case, streaming services may mistakenly believe that the device is already registered to another account. To verify this, return to “Settings” and verify that everything is configured correctly there. Verify that your Fire Stick’s location matches yours (and not a location in a different country), and that its date and time settings match yours. If necessary, a how-to manual on altering these things can be found on Amazon’s support website.

Even if nothing else,

In case your streaming service has ceased operating, get in touch with Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, or any other provider. The name and model number of your Fire TV Stick, where you purchased it, how long you’ve had it for (make sure to include the date), and the services you’re having trouble with or have attempted to access unsuccessfully should all be mentioned along with the issue (in this case, that streaming isn’t working). Ask them if there are any known difficulties with this particular model or gadget, if they have experienced anything similar in the past, and if possible, when a fix might be made available.

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Can I cancel my Amazon Fire Stick registration?
Deregistering an object:

  1. Visit Google Play’s Content and Devices page and log into your account.
  2. Select the device you wish to deregister from your list of devices registered under that account by clicking on it, then click “Devices,” which is located at the bottom of this bar.

How can I register my Fire Stick again after deregistering it?
Go to the settings page to deregister your Fire TV. Choose Deregister from My Account by going there. Go to Register and follow these directions if you wish to sign up with a new Amazon account.

Can I transfer my old Firestick to another person?
Before watching movies, make sure you are logged into your Amazon account.

On my Fire stick, can I alter my Amazon account?
Go to the settings menu on your Amazon Fire TV and choose from a number of options to configure it. To register or deregister your account, go there and choose “My Account.”

If I unregister my Firestick, will I lose my apps?
The user’s data is deleted from the Firestick and from Amazon when you unregister it. This includes any apps you’ve bought and any other data you’ve saved on the platforms connected to your account.