How to edit your QuizUp profile?

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On QuizUp, you may also modify your profile.
Simply select Profile by clicking the triangle next to your display name on the top bar.
You may then modify your display name from there.

A: In the QuizUp app on your mobile device, edit your profile. On the main screen, the button is located in the upper right corner. You can change it there as well if you have a Facebook account and are signed in.

Your name and profile picture serve as a representation of who you are as a player and make it simple for others to find you on our site. Players can choose to make their profiles public or private, however we strongly advise everyone to make it so that other players can readily locate them. Using privacy settings, you can make critical information, such as your email address, invisible.

Selfies are encouraged, so use your camera to take pictures of yourself. You can also use other images, such your company’s emblem, a drawing, or a painting. You’re welcome to provide links to films of yourself on YouTube or Vimeo, but keep in mind that anyone who reads your profile will see this.

Anyone can join QuizUp, and a public profile implies that anyone else can see it, including the search results! Only when two people want to view each other’s private profiles do they find a private match. Prior to playing, be sure to establish your name, photo, and privacy settings! You have the option to conceal your email address in either situation.

Before starting a game on QuizUp, new participants must register an account. Simply download the app and adhere to the directions! For Apple iOS or Android smartphones, there is QuizUp. Playing is also available at Please take a moment to link your new account to Facebook when you initially create it so that we can locate your friend list more quickly. Click on this link to go there: Don’t worry, you can still unlink if necessary by going to your Account settings after linking.

To solve your problems, go to and follow the instructions there. Please get in touch with our support team directly by creating a help ticket or through our Facebook page at if no solutions can be identified. Because we get a lot of requests for assistance, kindly be patient with us! To make sure everyone enjoys QuizUp, we’re working arduously behind the scenes.

You must first modify the app’s display name before logging out and back in again with the new name. If you are already playing a game, you will regrettably be unable to change your moniker. Please get in touch with our support staff via a Help Ticket or a Facebook post at if you’re having any trouble changing your nickname.

How can my profile remain private?

You may find the privacy settings here: Make sure nothing needs to be altered before players add you as a buddy because these privacy settings apply to both public and private profiles! Along with representing who you are as a player, your name and profile picture also make it easier for other players to locate you.

You can see how well-rounded a player is on QuizUp by looking at their star rating, whether or not you know them personally. For instance, it might be helpful to know which players have participated in the most games and rounds of competition than anyone else if you’re looking for someone who knows a lot about 80s movies. For this reason, when searching by category (such as “1980s Movies” or “Music”), users with five stars appear first. Members of QuizUp who aren’t as active may only get 4 or 3 stars next to their names. Playing against as many opponents as you can will help you challenge yourself and work toward earning 5 stars like these excellent members do.

If you are the current top player in any particular category, crowns will appear next to your own profile picture! One of two things occurs when you notice a crown in a friend’s profile picture: either they are actively challenging themselves and have already played against the #1 players, or they were previously the best player in that category. Make sure to give them your sincere congratulations for their accomplishment; they deserve it.

How do I get rid of my QuizUp profile photo?
Log in to your account at, select Edit Profile, and then scroll down to find the Deactivate Account button.

How to delete photos from my Google account but not in my device?


How can my profile be modified?
Open Settings on your Android smartphone or tablet to update your profile picture. To manage your Google account, tap Google. To add a new photo, tap Photo under Basic Info.

How can you modify your QuizUp title?
Tap “Use Title” when you reach the “Profile” box.

How can you modify your QuizUp background?
Select Edit Wallpaper from your profile options. Make your selection from the pop-up menu.

How do I update the BIGO profile photo?
Open the Bigo Live app first.
Then click the profile photo under the profile tab.
To choose a new photo or to capture one using your phone’s camera, click Edit now.