How to get your Deleted Instagram Account Back

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  • if you or someone else who had access to your password terminated your account.
  • It cannot be retrieved in any way.
  • The same email address that you previously used can be used to create a new account.
  • However, you won’t be able to continue using the same login.

How to delete my second Instagram account?


Why did Instagram remove my account without warning?

One or more of the following factors contributed to the removal of your Instagram account: One or more of Instagram’s Community Guidelines have been broken by you.

Are accounts truly deleted from Instagram?

If you or someone with access to your password deleted your account, there is no way to get it back. With the same email address that you previously used, you can create a new account. You won’t be able to log in with the same username, though.

What does the statement “Your account may be deactivated” on Instagram mean?

If you submit something that violates our rules once again, your account along with all of your posts, messages, archived content, and followers may be terminated. Instagram will restore the content and remove the infraction from the account’s history if it decides that it was erroneously marked.

How to tell if someone deleted their Instagram?

Can your Instagram account be deleted without notice?

Third-party services are not permitted on our website. Anytime an account violates the Community Guidelines or Terms of Use, it may be disabled. We advise you to carefully read all of the posts on all of your accounts, as well as the Community Regulations.

How can I regain access to Instagram?

Open up the Instagram app on your phone. Enter the account username and password on the login page, then click Login. Your account should now be back to normal and your feed should be viewable.