How to hide my zoosk profile?

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  • Upon logging in to Zoosk, select your display name.
  • In the drop-down box, select “Account Settings.”
  • Click “Edit” in the Account Status section. Determine “Pause account” from the Edit screen, then choose how long you want your account to be dormant.

Can I hide my photo on Zoosk?

Some Zoosk users worry that other Zoosk users who haven’t been in touch with them will view their profile photo. On Zoosk, users have the option to ban communications from other users who do not have their contact information. I’ll explain some quick techniques for you to keep your Zoosk profile photo private in this post.

The user settings include a feature called “Private Profile.” If you select that option and set your owner or containing group to public, only you and those with whom you have privately exchanged your phone number or email address will be able to view your zoosk profile photo. If a Zoosker is a contact in your Zoosk Contacts List, Zoosker information, including the Zoosker’s Zoosk profile photo, will be displayed on Zoosker profiles that are set to public privacy.

The “My Account Page,” under the “Overall Settings” category, offers tabs for “Photo/Video Settings,” “Privacy Settings,” and “Contacts,” where you may alter all of your zoosk account information at once. Additionally, you can update your account by utilizing the drop-down options found on each page. Click Save Changes after making any necessary adjustments. If you’ve made any adjustments that alter or restrict communication.

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Can my picture be removed from Zoosk?

Yes, but only in the following circumstances: when erased by a customer service agent; or when a file malfunctions (file format not supported) and you want your photo to never appear on the internet again. Please get in touch with customer service at in both situations.

Can I post naked photos online? Is there a size restriction on them? What happens if I go against them? Can they be removed?

nudity is not allowed. Nude pictures, however artistic they are will be deleted with no possibility of recovery. Any other pictures violating Zoosk’s community standards may also be

Customer service representatives eliminated. Photos can be stored on your hard drive (and subsequently uploaded) in the following file formats and come in any size up to a maximum resolution of 800 × 600 pixels:

What will I receive if my picture is selected as the week’s top picture of a couple? What happens if it is selected for a month? for a full year? How frequently are these prizes given out? Are they actually chosen based on member votes? Do all submitted photographs receive votes?

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What happens when I pause my account on Zoosk?

When you pause your account: Your profile will be hidden from Zoosk and won’t be shown to other members until it’s unpaused. You’ll keep your profile, connections, and message history. You won’t be able to receive messages or other communications from members unless you’re close enough outside of the app for them to see

What does Zoosk hide and seek cost?

In order to save money, you can join for one month for $29.95, three months for $19.98, and six months for only $12.49 per month. Take a look at the six-month option.

How to become invisible on Zoosk on Iphone?

Should the website be aware that you are using it? If so, hide your Zoosk account when surfing. The “Go Invisible” button at the top left of a phone screen or the “Go Invisible” option from the dropdown menu at the top right of your browser can be used to hide your profile.

Blocking someone on Zoosk Do they have access to your profile?

They won’t be able to see my profile on Zoosk if I block a connection. The individual who blocked me must first unblock me if they still want to view my information.

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What on Zoosk does “Hide and Seek” mean?

Hide. Hide your profile so that nobody else can see your Seek activity. Be totally discernible and alert individuals to your presence.

Can you search for a specific person on Zoosk?

Currently, neither a person’s name nor their Zoosk display name are searchable. You can view that person’s profile in your Connections if you’ve previously linked with them on Zoosk, though.