How to leave an Amino Community easily

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Removal of a Community Go to Settings > Leave Community in the Side Menu.
Your My Communities page will no longer display this Community.

When Amino Apps originally launched in early 2017, I joined. It developed a system that enables its users to communicate with one another and develop their communities. However, as I used the app more, I began to see several warning signs that I should have shared with other users. That way, if and when they participate in this community, they will be prepared (as well as any other).

This is how I found Amino Apps. Perhaps you already participate in one or more communities. Or perhaps you’re considering coming up with your own? If yes, continue reading. If not, there will be no harm done! There’s no need to feel pressured; just go ahead and remove the app from your phone or other device.

What Are Amino Apps?

Amino Apps is a business that enables users to establish their own personal communities, or “communities,” inside the app. In essence, these are vast communities of people with shared passions. Once you become a member of a community, you get access to its forum and can participate in conversations with other members on topics that interest you. You can play games, watch videos, talk with people in real-time using a feature called a channel, and so much more!

Even while all of this seems really wonderful, there are several severe problems I’ve run into when using the app for more than a year. Please utilize the app to create your own communities if none of these things disturb you. However, I advise against using this app at all if you’re like me and don’t want to deal with these issues occurring in your neighborhood.

It looked too wonderful to be true as soon as I started using the software to build my first community (this was also when I joined the firm back in 2017). There were a few additional folks who joined my community right away; some of them immediately added well over 1,000 people! It gave me the motivation to keep building my community into something greater than me.

Although this software has many wonderful features, its community members have been one of its main drawbacks. There are many of them that use this program with bad motives, and regrettably I was taken advantage of by one of them. It’s reasonable to say that, while using the Amino Apps platform, I was definitely taken advantage of in every manner possible by a member who conned me out of my hard-earned cash. As a result, I was left with little alternative but to let go of all the hard work I had put into building my own community, which left me feeling dissatisfied and angry with the firm itself.

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I spent a lot of effort creating my first (and only) community on Amino Apps. I made hundreds of comments on debates, shared dozens of posts, and started over 200 channels. But most significantly, I was creating a vibrant community organization with many of participants who shared my interests in the subject matter.

Unfortunately, all of that effort wasn’t for very long. primarily as a result of a certain member’s decision to con me out of $30! My major annoyance, though, was not that I was the victim of a scam, but rather how it was carried out and Amino Apps’ inaction. More particularly:

1) Without the other person’s knowledge or agreement, the person was able to purchase an item using the other person’s credit card information. The terms of service of the business prohibit this (I know this because I read the terms myself).

2) Since the fraudster also purchased a “supporter” for my community, Amino Apps regarded them as an active participant. This meant that, despite their wishes, all of the con artists’ victims were now considered to be a part of my community.

3) Despite receiving complaints from a number of other community members who said the perpetrator was attempting to con them as well, Amino Apps never deleted or blocked the offender from utilizing their service. You can find the following information on their website under Section 8 “Illegal Activities,” paragraph d “Threats and Fraud,” in their Terms of Services:

Threats and Fraud: It is prohibited for you to: commit or attempt to commit financial fraud against Amino Apps, its users, third-party service providers, or any other person or entity by means of email fraud (such as “phishing”), credit card fraud, identity theft, fraudulent debit/credit card chargebacks (including issuing phony refunds), or any other means;

Despite the fact that it is obviously against their own conditions, they did NOTHING! To me, this is simply intolerable. especially when the individual is frequently reported for repeatedly doing the same thing! I ultimately made a decision due to how discouraging the entire experience was.


Does leaving an amino community delete your account?

I joined a community where I could leave the group and keep my profile. Everything was still there, including the choice to leave the group, when I returned to that same community a month later. Additionally, if you remove your account, it’s conceivable that any aminos you are a member of would also be destroyed, according to several of my friends (i.e., across all communities).

How can I leave the community?

Select (Community Settings), then [Leave Community] to withdraw from a community.
Press the OPTIONS button, choose [Report], and then enter any names, photos, or descriptions that are offensive to the community.

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Can you swear on amino?

Swearing is acceptable in public chats as long as it is allowed by the chat rules. Because more and more young people are entering the community, excessive profanity and blog swearing are not permitted.

Is amino getting deleted?

Narvii, Inc. created the social media platform Amino. In 2014, Yin Wang and Ben Anderson first came up with it. The founders of Amino are no longer involved with the company after MediaLab purchased it in 2021.

How do I permanently delete amino?

Go to Settings Account settings and select Delete account from the menu to delete your account. On the following screen, enter a password, and then click Delete to confirm deletion. We will require seven days to start a fresh registration session with the same email address or phone number after you submit your information by clicking “Delete” (wait period included). Please be aware that, once validated, all data will be completely destroyed after 7 days.