How to logout of clash of clans on IPAD?

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  • Launch the game, then select Settings.
  • In Settings, click “Connected.”
  • Select Log off.

How to Logout on an IPAD Steps – Clash of Clans

You might be unsure of how to exit Clash of Clans on your iPad. The clash of clans was recently upgraded, and the program won’t let you log out using your Apple ID, so no matter what you do, your clash of clan account remains logged in. This leads to a lot of questions, which is why this is a typical occurrence. The good news is that there are two solutions to this issue!

The first step is to log out of Clash of Clans using your Apple ID, then reopen the game. Enter the incorrect (i.e., non-current) Apple ID or email address when prompted so that clash of clans will utilize this new information to sign in to a separate account. The clash of clans can now be closed and reopened with a different login. As long as just one account is logged in at a time, this procedure ought to function.

Resetting the network settings on your device through Settings -> General -> Reset is another option to solve this issue. After completing this, restarting your phone might enable you to re-enter Clash of Clans without first exiting another app.

If clash of clans is the only program giving you trouble, you shouldn’t do this because it will damage all other apps as well. Prior to setting the network settings to default, make sure to create a new Apple ID and email address!

How to Unlink Clash of Clans from iOS iPhone iPad

  • Open the Clash of Clans application.
  • Select “log out” from the settings menu in the top right corner.
  • Type your email address for your Clash of Clans account (the same one you use to log in)
  • Enter your Clash of Clans password.

If the email is accurate or not, the clash of clans app will send a verification code to that address. If it’s incorrect, repeat the previous procedures. If not, type the verification code and click “logout”! Clash of Clans may now be safely deleted from iOS devices by going to Settings – General – Safari Data – Delete All Website Data – Clash of Clans App data ONLY!!! Keep in mind that touching any other gaming programs will delete their clash of clans data.

  • After signing out, select Settings—General—Safari Data—Erase All Website Data, and then delete ONLY the clashofclansapp data from Safari!
  • Next, go into your account on using a browser, select settings-more options (the three dots next to “play clash”), and click on the Manage Account tab on the upper right. From there, remove all game files (aside from saved games).
  • You can now safely remove the Clash of Clans app from iOS devices, along with any other apps that include content that conflicts with Clash.


How do you switch accounts on clash of clans on IPAD?

You must disconnect the account linked to the application and log into another with past progress in order to exit Clash of Clans on your Android device. Google Play Store, Facebook, or SuperCell ID can all be utilized to accomplish this.

How can I have two COC accounts?

Join the Clash of Clans server.
After clicking “register,” enter your email address twice.
Follow these steps after quitting the game and returning through ‘connected’ under your Supercell ID: Log out of your Supercell ID account or break your connection.

How many Clash of Clans accounts can I have?

Per device, you’re permitted to have numerous accounts. Supercell won’t be able to help you with your issue if you have multiple accounts on a single device and one of those accounts is lost (or anything similar occurs).