how to make a venmo account without a phone number?

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You should confirm your phone number and email as soon as you join up in order to make the most of Venmo. You won’t be able to make payments or request payments if your phone number isn’t validated.

I require transferring funds from my kid’s card to mine for allowance, but I am unable to do so without a phone number.

We have an account set up for my 11-year-old son that automatically transfers funds from his account into ours each week. Now that he is making his own purchases, he wants to be able to access the money whenever he needs it in order to utilize the app and simply transfer funds across accounts (i.e., to make an online purchase). Is it conceivable that he could simply not have a phone number associated with this? Even though he is mature enough now, I’m unsure about connecting him to social media at the age of 11.


Can you venmo an email address?

You’ll need to ask your buddy to confirm their email or phone number.

Can you have a venmo account under 18?

Users must be 18 or older to register with Venmo according to its terms of service. They might ask for your social security information if you’re trading a sizable sum of money through the app.

Can you have 2 venmo accounts?

Users of Venmo cannot share bank accounts with one another.