How to make Gradient Map Tutorial For Beginners in Photoshop

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With the Adobe Photoshop software, we may develop and express our creativity as we like, producing things like posters and images. We may utilize many different effects in Adobe Photoshop, including gaussian blur, motion blur, noise effects, and more. These effects can be produced in gradients in Photoshop using the gradient map feature. So, friends, in this lesson I’ll share with you a few hints and techniques for creating a gradient map effect in Adobe Photoshop; for more information, see the tutorial after this one.

The Gradient Map is one of the most helpful Photoshop adjustment layers you can use to improve your images. A gradient map can be used as a non-intrusive way to alter the color scheme of your image and add additional color effects. You may create an almost infinite number of different color effects using Photoshop gradients (GRD files).

One of the most useful Photoshop adjustment layers for enhancing your photographs is the gradient map. A gradient map can be used as a subtle approach to change your image’s color palette and incorporate extra color effects. Utilizing Photoshop gradients, you can create a virtually unlimited number of distinct color effects (GRD files).

Step by step :

Put the gradients in place.

You must first download Supply Family’s CC Library of custom gradient maps in order to begin. Next, import them into Photoshop by selecting Window > Gradients. Click the Import Gradients menu option from the Gradients panel’s menu icon. To install the gradients, locate “Discover – gradient maps by Supply Fami-ly.grd” and double-click it.

Set up your work area.

Launch Photoshop and select the “Discover-gradient-map-effect-by-Supply-Family.psd” file. This will serve as your design’s primary working environment.

Switch up your gradients.

Play around with additional Gradient Map presets to further personalize your creation. In the Layers panel, click into the Layer labeled Gradient Map. Then, in the Properties panel, click on the gradient to load the Gradient Editor. Open up the folder labeled “Discover – gradient maps by Supply Family” and choose one of the six custom presets.

all set Enjoy your vibrant design.

Your artwork can be saved and exported, or you can keep experimenting with the presets to discover a setting that works best for you.

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Gradient Map And Gradient Fill Adjustment Layers

In reality, a gradient map is an adjustment layer that can be applied to one or more layers to improve the final image. This tutorial will help you learn more about adjustment layers.

A gradient map is actually an adjustment layer that can be used to enhance the final image by being applied to one or more layers. You may learn more about adjustment layers by following this lesson.
You can edit the gradient there, make your own gradient there, or load and utilize one of the many Photoshop gradients that are freely available online by clicking on the gradient to launch the Gradient Editor.
Set the gradient map’s Blend Mode to Overlay and opacity to 45%.

Using Photoshop’s gradient map adjustments, you can experiment with various gradients and get stunning results in a matter of minutes. In a same manner, you can experiment with different effects by using the gradient map rather than the gradient (fill).