How to permanently delete movies from my iTunes library?

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  • Locate the item you wish to delete by opening the iTunes app.
  • For iPhones, tap More after hovering over the item.
  • For Macs, select Delete Download or Remove from Library.

How can I delete all songs in your iTunes music library

When you delete something on iTunes, it’s buried in the “iTunes Media folder” and doesn’t actually disappear; instead, it stays there until you decide to remove it permanently.

you got it from the library. Don’t believe the myth that moving the tunes to another drive or folder would make them vanish!

Even if a song has been relocated to another disc or folder on your computer and is no longer viewable under the “Songs” tab, it still appears in the “Music Library” tab of iTunes. This means that moving a song to another folder on your computer does not totally remove it from existence. There is just one method for permanently getting rid of those unseen melodies. This is the procedure.

Make a new folder called “iTunes Junk” on your desktop. Drag each music you want to remove into that folder after closing the iTunes software. Launch iTunes, select “File,” “Library,” and then “Organize Library.” When prompted, choose the checkbox next to “Consolidate Files” and press OK. These tracks will be permanently deleted from your library when you do this. Repeat these steps using “Consolidate Files and Folders” rather than “Consolidate Media” if your media folders contain any other types of content besides music.

You’ll see a notification informing you that the process can take a while. Have dinner or do something else while iTunes remembers where it put each of your files and removes any duplicates. Step 4: Confirm the deletion of any leftover files in your library by selecting OK in the alert box that appears when the file consolidation procedure is complete.

Additionally, you might want to navigate to the settings and move your media folder there. This will make sure that all of your other music is transferred there as well, rather than simply in one direction. Last but not least, backup all of your stuff somewhere else, like a hard drive or external device, to prevent further inadvertent deletions. There’s no need to keep a bunch of empty folders around if a new folder was created to house all of the songs you erased.


How can I clean up my iTunes library?

The best way to maintain your iTunes library

  • Eliminate duplicates.
  • Fix crude music.
  • Assign names to songs that have been successfully categorized.
  • It will download the payer.

How can I remove movies from iTunes on my iPhone?

Using an iPad or iPhone

  1. Click on Settings.
  2. Select General.
  3. Click on iPhone Storage.
  4. Depending on the type of video you want to remove, scroll down and pick TV or Videos. … Select Review Videos on iTunes. To delete a TV, movie, or episode, swipe left on it. …. Hit Delete.

How can your iTunes library be deleted and rebuilt?

  • Go to iTunes > Preferences > Advanced to get the two crucial settings you must have enabled. Unchecking the box next to Movies is recommended.
  • Look for and remove your local copy of the iTunes database on your computer.
  • Open a new window or tab in File Explorer (or Finder) and drag all of your songs, videos, podcasts, and other content there on the iTunes sidebar, just where it says “Music.”

Is the computer deleted when I delete something from my iTunes library?

Songs downloaded and purchased from folders on your computer and added to your iTunes library are deleted.