How to recover a disabled discord account?

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You can reactivate your account if you’d like to. All alerts from Discord will not be sent if an account is disabled. Any friend requests that arrive before or after you disable an account, though, will still be there when you re-enable it.

How to get your disabled discord account fixed

  • If your Discord account was temporarily disabled, you can still regain it.
  • After a discord account has been permanently deactivated by staff, it cannot be automatically retrieved. If you need to regain access to your Discord account, get in touch with the team there via their website or email and let them know what they can do to assist you.


How do I reactivate my disabled discord account?

You can, indeed. Log in to the Discord app on your PC or web browser first.

Why is my discord account disabled?

Discord has rules in place to protect our community’s safety and security. Your account was disabled by the Discord team in compliance with this policy because it

Can you message a disabled discord account?

Do I have the ability to message a disabled account? Yes. You can contact someone with a disabled account later on by sending them messages and friend requests.