How to recover deleted emails from Hotmail years ago ?

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Click “Recover deleted messages” if you accidentally erased an email. The email might no longer appear in your inbox because you mistakenly marked it as a deletion or highlighted it for something that won’t remove it. Sorry, can’t find that message implies Hotmail has successfully located over 99% of your mail and is prepared to begin an automatic recovery search, which typically takes 24 hours from the time you last archived your account.

How to Recover Deleted Emails from Hotmail easily

All of us have been there. Like the majority of email services, Hotmail doesn’t allow you to retrieve deleted emails from years past. Be at ease, though! You may quickly retrieve your deleted Hotmail mails by following a few easy steps. This is how you do it:
On the Hotmail homepage, choose “Settings.”

To begin, select “Accounts and Import.”

To import mail from another account, select that option.

  • Type in your previous Hotfire login and password.
  • Hotmail will then import all of your former account’s messages.
  • When you click “Finish,” you’re done!


How far back does Hotmail keep emails?

As long as you log in once a year, you can keep them forever. Have you ever logged in to the account using the desktop version of Outlook and saved the mail to a PST file? If you use the account frequently, that is likely one of the reasons the mail was erased.

Can I look at old deleted emails?

Not simply emails in your trash folder but also deleted emails from Gmail that were saved on the server can be recovered. To view all available or previously deleted messages across all devices, select All Available or Previously Deleted from the search box’s bottom left-hand corner.