How to remove a game from Game Center iOS 13?

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Select Settings.
as well as Apple ID Profile.
The menu at the bottom of your screen includes Storage.
You may tap Manage Storage in iCloud to get a list of all the apps for which data is backed up.
To remove this game from any further devices linked to your AppleID account, go to that page and click Delete Data.

The app will be taken off of Game Center if you submit a request through Apple User Center. However, I don’t believe there is a way to retrieve the data via a different service unless your account has access to iTunesConnect, Apple’s internal app distribution channel, or unless you have an account with significantly more rights at

How does iOS 13 effect my game? Consider push alerts. Do they still function? Do I require game updates? Which devices does GameCenter support, and which ones will it discontinue supporting with iOS 13?

Game Invites are no longer functional in iOS 13 Beta, however Apple might bring them back in the next release. The names of other players are still listed on game cards even if player information is no longer shown as it formerly was. The latest update continues to support Push Notifications, including NSUserActivity, which allows you to display leaderboards and achievements on your app’s home screen even if a user doesn’t yet own or play your game. It should function on the majority of modern iPhones running iOS 16 or later, so any iPhone 5S, SE, 6 or 7 model should be good.

I want to port my game to Android, but it’s not yet listed in the store. Should I wait for Game Center to be removed, or can I submit a new app on the day it launches with Game Center support?

Don’t wait; just carry out your launch plan as planned. Most games that have previously been released won’t be impacted by this change because you can scarcely remove 65k+ apps from the App Store right now. If you intend to make an update, remove GC functions as soon as you can. Don’t wait around for the arrival of iOS 13.

It is quite tough to list all the circumstances and scenarios in which you can remove a game from Game Center on iOS 13 and it is difficult to give a simple solution to this topic. We’ll do our best to assist you by giving you a few of the typical cases we’re aware of:

You want to remove your favorite game from iOS 13’s Game Center since you purchased it through iTunes but neglected to switch off iCloud synchronization; You bought many games simultaneously using the same Apple ID on the App Store, and now you want two of them to be deleted from Game Center in iOS 13; Your friend gave you a fantastic board game as a gift, which caused the app to show up as brand-new on your phone.

Always make a backup of your iPhone before removing or uninstalling anything from Game Center on iOS 13. In the event that something goes wrong and you need to undo all of your changes, you may easily restore the operating system and critical data. In our blog, you may find thorough instructions on how to move files from one device to another (this is a great method for Apple account users).

  1. Connect your iPhone to your computer using a USB cord after starting iTunes on your PC. Users of Windows OS who have the same Apple ID installed to their system can likewise use iCloud;
  1. Click “Apps” in the upper-left corner of iTunes to see all installed programs; from there, choose the one you wish to uninstall from Game Center iOS 13;
  2. In the bottom right corner of this window, click “Open App”:
  3. Click the Next button numerous times to go through all of the informational pages of the application that has been opened;
  4. Choose Uninstall from a drop-down menu on the last page (it can already be selected by default);
  5. Select Uninstall from the menu.
  6. After a little delay, iTunes will ask you if you really want to uninstall the program. In a new window, select OK before selecting the Done option;
  1. Review the information on all pages of the application you just opened, but this time, start from the right upper corner (where we have clicked the Next button before). Select the Delete app option on the last page:
  2. Confirm your choice once more by selecting the Delete App button.
  3. The symbol will entirely vanish from your device after you wait for iTunes to complete deleting the program from Game Center iOS 13 for good. Restarting your iPhone or iPad will always confirm if everything was done correctly.


I want to remove several games from Game Center.
Tap and hold on the icon of the game you wish to remove in order to delete it. It will be picked when a “x” with a wriggling cursor appears.
-Swipe up or select “Delete,” then hold off until a second pop-up window asking “Are you sure you want to delete?” appears. Your button selections will be preserved, so click Delete once more to make sure your choice was accurate before moving on to other games or apps.

How do I remove a game from iOS 14’s Game Center?
Step 1: Launch the Settings app, then select General > Storage & iCloud Usage. Step 2: Locate the game app on the list, then tap it to view further information (such as device storage and iCloud usage). the delete key

How do I get rid of Game Center iOS?
You can perform the following to delete Game Center from your iPhone:

  1. Select “Game Center” from the iOS Settings menu.
  2. After locating it, turn the switch from green (which means “On”) to white (which means “Off”).

How can I fix iOS 13’s Game Center?
Sign out by tapping Settings > Game Center. Press the Sleep/Wake button on your phone or tablet to restart it after you see the Apple logo. Open any iOS game that is requesting a login and sign in to Game Center once more using either your Facebook profile or the email address connected to the account you wish to use.