How to remove an Instagram account I have added?

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  • Go to the account menu and select “Profile” to see your account preferences.
  • Select Settings.
  • Select Login Info.
  • Select “Remove” next to the account you want to delete.

By visiting the profile page of the account you wish to delete, hitting the three-dot menu button in the top right corner, then selecting “Remove,” you can delete any account you’ve added to Instagram.

You can remove a profile from your list of friends if you no longer want that account’s postings to appear in your news feed but don’t necessarily want to unfollow them either. Make sure it’s worth missing out on their updates before taking the plunge, as you can lose some insight into what’s happening with accounts and users whose content you used to love. Later, you can always add accounts again as friends or start following them again.

Regrettably, no. You will need to delete each account individually. Therefore, you are unable to unfollow specific persons who are spamming your feed using this method. You’ll still need to use Instagram’s settings’ “Hide from Feed” feature for that.

Delete the account if you’ve added it as a friend on Instagram but later decide you don’t want to see its posts in your feed (but make sure you truly want to do that!). Although they won’t be able to comment or like on those posts, accounts that were friends with deleted accounts will still be able to see updates for them in their feed.

The best course of action is definitely to delete the profile from your list of friends if you accidentally added a business account (or thought it was an individual user and didn’t mean to follow it). However, if you prefer that your other Instagram followers see updates from that company, you can achieve the same result by simply blocking its posts from appearing in your feed. Just be careful to utilize the ‘Hide from Feed’ tool rather than unfollowing accounts to do so because it takes less work and has less of an impact on both your feed and the targeted account’s reach than friending someone.

If I remove my own account, what happens?
Within 24 hours of deactivation, your Instagram account will turn into a ghost town if you opt to remove it (depending on when you deleted it). The profile page itself will remain available and readable by people who click through to it, even if you enabled the “Hide from Feed” feature before removing (preventing others from seeing updates for that account in their feed). How to delete versus conceal an Instagram profile photo.

December 6, 2018 The Instagram Blog (@InstagramBlog) The post from Instagram’s official account above demonstrates two key distinctions between concealing and deleting a profile: • Even if you conceal an account, other users will still be able to read its feed changes. • When you conceal an account, that page will gradually vanish from your followers’ Explore page and search results, but if you delete a profile, this won’t be the case. Pages that have been deleted from a profile will always be accessible to others.

If you remove someone else’s Instagram account, it will vanish from your feed after 24 hours (or sooner if the account owner deleted it from their end). This also applies to any connected accounts, such as Instagram Stories.

I’ve attempted this before, but it didn’t succeed. They had no trouble using the account or accessing the app immediately away. If you want to share your login credentials with someone else so they can use your account after you delete yours, that’s acceptable. However, you should be aware that once you remove your profile, other users won’t be able to access it without their own username and password.

However, if they don’t have their own login information, they’ll be compelled to erase the account and start fresh.

What happens if I wish to keep the other user from knowing that I reported them for indecency or breaking the community rules?

There is no reason to be afraid of reprisals. Instagram offers the opportunity to report content anonymously, so users won’t see your identity or username in their notifications. This feature is available at the top of each post. You can use this page to inform Instagram of your preferences, including whether you want the platform to delete the content, stop certain accounts from commenting on it, or hide it from your feed.


How can an Instagram account be deleted on a phone?
Go to the Delete Your Account page and choose an option from the dropdown menu next to Why are you deleting your account? to permanently delete your account. Delete [username] by clicking or tapping.

Why am I unable to delete my Instagram account?
We are unable to cancel your account due to security concerns. To request deletion, you must log in. Our logging in advice may be useful if you can’t recall your username or password.

Is an Instagram account deleted if it is deleted?
Your account will never be reinstated on Instagram. Your profile, pictures, videos, likes, and followers are permanently deleted when you delete an account. Simply temporarily disable Instagram if you wish to take a vacation from it for a while.