How to remove Dota 2 from Steam library?

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Visiting account info Select Activations of licenses and product keys. Click Remove after locating Dota 2 in the list of products. This won’t work if you’ve previously paid for Dota 2, but it might be useful if you’ve only ever played the game for free.

One of the most popular games on Steam is Dota 2. Due to the vast Dota community, both seasoned players and newbies find Dota 2 to be appealing. Dota 2 isn’t intended to be a long-term addition to your collection, though. This article will show you how to successfully remove Dota 2 from your Steam Library if you no longer wish to play it.

Step 1: Open Dota 2 first

If you haven’t already, launch Dota 2 and log in with your existing account or make a new one. Click PLAY on the Play Dota box on the first screen. Now, you ought to see “Play some Dota.” In order to start the matchmaking process, click that button (note that it may take some time depending on your connection).

Step 2: Quit Dota 2

Simply click on your Dota 2 avatar at the top of the screen once you have been paired and the game is ready to start. The Dota 2 main menu should display shortly after that. Click “Settings” (the gear icon) from there, then “More Options,” and finally “Quit Dota.” You will now be asked to confirm your decision to end your Dota 2 account. When “Yes” is selected, Dota 2 will end.

Step 3: Delete Dota 2

You may now access your Steam Library by opening it and selecting the “Games” tab in the window’s header. You should see Dota 2 in your library. When you click on Dota 2, details about the game, such as its size, owners, when it was last played, etc., are displayed (an image is provided below). Select “Delete Local Content…” from the option that displays when you right-click Dota 2. Are you certain you want to erase all the local content? a pop-up window will appear. Then select “Yes.” Dota 2 has now been successfully deleted from your Steam Library!

Step 4: Exit Dota and remove the Dota folder

By selecting “Quit” from your Dota 2 portrait at the top of the screen, you can exit the game. When you’ve finished playing everyone’s favorite MOBA, launch Windows Explorer or File Explorer (depending on your Windows version) and go to C: Program FilesSteamsteamappscommondota 2 betagame. Except for dota2.exe, content, pack1, and materialssystem, delete everything (if present). Check out this article from if you need assistance finding these files.


How can I remove outdated Dota 2 files?

It might be simpler for you to access your replays folder if you delete old replays from the Dota 2 app.

How do I take a tag off of Steam?

Locate your account in the top right corner of Wunderlist to exclude tags (next to your wallet). Then, after selecting “Preferences,” scroll down to “Tags to Exclude.” You can enter tags here if you don’t want to receive notifications in the future.

In Quick Memo, how do you delete a category?

  1. Select Smart Cleaning under Settings > General.
  2. Pick a category, then a specific item, to delete.
  3. Tap CLEAN YES to complete erasing the items you’ve chosen.

How do I get rid of my Samsung notes?

What is the procedure for erasing personal data from my Samsung Galaxy Note 3?

  1. Tap Apps on the Home screen.
    Touch Settings next.
  2. Tap Reset and Backup. Reset factory data by touching. Touch Apps from the Home screen.
    Simply tap Google Settings. Select “Erase”

How do I deactivate my Steam account for good?

Log into , scroll down to “Remove my Steam account,” and then click that link to delete your Steam account. You will be taken to a new page where you may confirm the deletion of your account (or not).

How do VPK files work?

Some games created with the Source Engine, such as Half-Life, Left 4 Dead, DOTA 2, and Portal 2, utilise Valve Pak files (VPK). VPK files are used to create mods but can also be used to store maps, models, materials, choreographed scenes, and other original game content.