How to remove my phone number from GroupMe?

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After changing your password with the new phone number, GroupMe will terminate your account.

The checkmark next to “My Contact Info” can be removed by going to settings and removing your phone number. They will still be able to view your GroupMe profile if you have added any other users. You can also create a new group chat for yourself with a different name.

The best way to remove my account?

For additional details on how to terminate your account, click here. If you require any extra assistance, please email or tech support! Please be aware that once your account has been cancelled, it cannot be reactivated with the same login. Before canceling the account, we advise making sure all of your files are backed up to prevent data loss.


Is your phone number displayed on GroupMe?

Personal information is never disclosed to other members by GroupMe. Your name and avatar are the only things that other group members may see when you are in the same conversation; your phone number and email address are always kept private.

How can my GroupMe account be reset?

Please browse our Knowledge Base if you are having trouble finding what you’re searching for.

On Android 2019, how do I remove my Badoo account?

To activate it, tap the avatar for your chat. After activation, locate the Manage Group option by scrolling down. Select Edit Group from the page that appears after tapping this.