How to remove my Spotify account from Sonos?

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You can remove your current Spotify account in Sonos. Here the step:

Register using the Sonos Controller App.
From the Music menu, choose Settings.
the settings menu, and then choose My Services.
Choose Delete account after selecting the Music service you wish to discontinue.

How to Delete SPOTIFY from SONOS

Users may now listen Spotify material directly from Spotify thanks to Sonos’ announcement of support for Spotify Connect (or at least, without a Sonos player in the chain).

When Spotify is installed on your PC or Mac, a number of things are configured to ensure that the program and hardware are compatible. This entails connecting an iDevice to your computer (through Home Sharing), opening up remote control features, opening up playback via AirPlay, etc. It does not, however, guarantee that you can use your Spotify account without a player. Actually, Spotify may function as your Sonos player thanks to Spotify Connect.

The pair of Spotify-branded programs for Windows and Mac OS X, the first of which is still in development as of this writing, serve as the official Spotify host software (the late March 2015 announcement). Although Spotify’s Android and iPhone apps don’t seem to have the “host” feature yet, since you can have your account open on two devices at once, it might be possible to use a mobile device as a Spotify connect host. Hardware support for Spotify appears to be rolling out at the moment, with Sonos confirmed as the first partner. Spotify Connect is the company’s version of Airplay or Google Cast (all of which are competitors of Spotify). Any Spotify app, including the company’s website, will be compatible with Spotify Connect.

However, hosting your Spotify account is something that Spotify Connect DOES NOT DO. You won’t be able to utilize Spotify Connect on your Sonos system at all if you don’t have any Spotify software installed on your PC. This means that in order to use your Sonos to play Spotify songs, you must:

  • Verify that Spotify is set up as a source on your Sonos system [HERE]. No matter whether you can physically see the Spotify host software running or not, all Spotify Connect playback flows through the Spotify program; if Spotify is disabled, Spotify Connect won’t be available.
  • Verify that your computer’s Spotify software is legitimately permitted to play Spotify music. When you pair an iOS device with Spotify, it will repeatedly ask you for authorization if you have just just set up your account, even if you are using the same computer. The good news is that there is a workaround for this; after pairing or authorizing an iDevice, navigate to Account settings > Devices and select the Spotify icon in the Preferences box on the bottom left.

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How do I log into a different Spotify account on Sonos?

Follow these steps to switch the account on which you are logged in:

  • Open Browse and select [Service Name].
  • To view a list of newly added accounts, tap the account name at the top.
  • Click the desired account.

How is a device removed from Sonos?

Locate the app on your smartphone and select Uninstall.

Why won’t my Sonos and Spotify connect?

The Spotify app may not function properly with older versions of the Sonos software. Open your smartphone’s settings menu and upgrade your system to solve this problem.

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How do I disconnect my Sonos account?

Make sure the right account is chosen for deletion if you added multiple accounts.

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Tap REMOVE ACCOUNT after choosing the service you want to stop using. Before moving forward, confirm that the right account has been chosen. Click “Remove.”