How to remove TrapCall permanently?

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to turn off TrapCall either temporarily or permanently.
on the phone.
please go to
which may be contacted 24/7 to confirm that TrapCall has been completely off on your device.

The person who created and hosted TrapCall received at least $1,200 each month from the service. It is unknown what portion of such income is used to cover the legal costs for the accused.

However, those dollars come at a price: TrapCall is unreliable, challenging to manage, and has a high call volume. Additionally, it doesn’t seem like anyone really considered how to get rid of TrapCall in the first place. If you still have your account information from when you signed up, you won’t be able to access any active TrapCall accounts that may be stored on your phone or voicemail. If not, good luck attempting to find someone from TrapCall willing to assist, as that would have required the business to have someone on staff.

TrapCall is additionally passive. It records incoming calls and stores them as voicemail that you can access later. What are you expected to do with such calls if you don’t use it and don’t intend to use it ever again? You can request an audio CD be shipped to you or download them as.wav files from the TrapCall website, but such options require work and shouldn’t have been required in the first place.

Additionally, you cannot instruct TrapCall to not log specific phone numbers: No matter if a number is private or has changed, once your account has started capturing outgoing calls from it, TrapCall will continue to do so unless you instruct it differently.

The only methods to cancel an active TrapCall account are to change your voicemail greeting, have the account number call in from a different phone, or change the account number on the TrapCall website and pay for a new activation code so you can reactivate the service if necessary. However, as we previously stated, virtually everyone despises TrapCall, including companies that employ it, making it challenging to reach anyone to take calls from customers. They are also costly: After the initial 15 minutes of setup, at least $1 for each incoming call that is recorded, plus $7.99 for each CD that is shipped out each month.

We have some recommendations.

1: Modify your voicemail message. We won’t prevent you from keeping the service if you wish to: Change your voicemail’s opening line, and before any further greetings, state “This is not an answering machine.” Just one number should be listed on this greeting, preferably one for a home or mobile phone where you may make use of the same call-blocking options as landlines. If your company number is included in the carrier’s Caller ID database, you may also use it here. Many customers are prepared to pay more each month to be able to see which businesses are calling them as well as who has contacted them in the past. Despite its flaws, this solution is still preferable to the old TrapCall service.

2: Modify your voicemail message and purchase a fresh activation code. Get a new activation code rather than sharing your old account details. You can do this directly on the TrapCall website, where you can also hear your recorded calls. Short codes, which typically run in packages of 1,000 or more and cost roughly $20 each if purchased from the carrier directly, are not included in the pricing of this option; instead, it will cost you $30 — $7 per month plus a one-time setup fee. It will cost you an extra $7.99 per month if you require an audio CD to be shipped to you each month rather than just downloading files over email (perhaps because you want copies stored offsite elsewhere).

3: Call TrapCall and demand that they cease violating the Telephone Consumer Protection Act by keeping your calls. Simply write us at tips at consumerist dot com if you need assistance with this or have any other queries. We’ll even let you know whether anyone is still reading our legal advice columns here. Although some customers who are currently involved in legal disputes with TrapCall may not find this option to be worthwhile, especially those who don’t already detest the company enough, we believe it will be for those who are sick of receiving voicemails from people and businesses they’ve successfully avoided over the past six years.

TrapCall has stopped taking on new clients as of right now, removed all download links from the site, and started charging $30 for each activation code plus $7.99 shipping (even if you just buy one). We will keep our prior advice available in case anyone needs it, but we strongly advise switching to Google Voice, which offers free incoming call blocking and can even automatically block outgoing calls by routing them through Google’s servers before you get a chance to answer. If you want any more features with TrapCall, you may also transmit voicemails through email or have Google transcribe your voicemails into text so you can search for keywords more easily.

Finally, we want to point out that TrapCall no longer actually functions as a mechanism for users to ensure that no one else ever sees their personal phone number: Any client who has kept recordings of your voice mail messages will be able to utilize those recordings as evidence against you since they have them in their voicemail inbox!

Similar to their first service, TrapCall genuinely feels more like what you could anticipate from an indignant 13-year-concept old’s of what a business should seem like than like something you might actually desire for regular use. If you have any ideas on this most recent update, please share them in the comments section below. We’ll leave it up to the readers to decide whether they still feel this way or agree with us. However, voting with your feet and switching to something else is the best way to ensure that they are heard and that they remain in place.

According to a recent announcement from TrapCall, the company will also “begin providing user information, including names and phone numbers, to anyone who pays $5 per month or more for a subscription service.” Callers will also have the option of listening to their voicemails; to do this, simply dial *3 on their cell phone after making a call. Again, we’re not really sure what this service offers, but if you believe someone else might find it beneficial or if you just want to exact some form of retaliation against a former friend or coworker, you can sign up for it here.


How do I get rid of TrapCall?
Then, after launching the Google Play app, hold down the hamburger menu symbol in the top left corner until a pop-up window displays.
Then select “uninstall” after clicking TrapCall: Reveal No Caller ID.

How can I cancel my caller ID subscription?
Activate the Voice app.
Tap Menu – Settings – Calls For me in the top left corner. To decide whether your phone number is revealed when you place a call, turn on or off Anonymous Caller ID.

Could TrapCall be mistaken?
Calls that have been blocked can be recognized by TrapCall, but they cannot be unblocked. Since spoof numbers can’t be recognized or unmasked, you should treat them the same as any other call you could get.