How to remove your credit card from eBay?

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  • to delete the details of your automatic payments.
  • Visit My eBay.
  • The Payment Methods tab can be found by selecting the Account tab, Personal Information, and then clicking there.
  • Next to any selected payments you want to remove, there will be a Remove button visible.

Please log in to My eBay if you desire to terminate or cancel your eBay selling account. Click Account Preferences > Site Preferences > Remove a Selling Tool at the top of any page. Select BOTH the US and international sales channels, then click End my selling account. To finish your request, adhere to the steps displayed on screen (s). Reminder: If you discontinue an international selling tool on (for instance, if you sell on eBay from sellers other than your shop in addition to discontinuing an international selling tool on, you must also discontinue the relevant selling tools on all other websites. Even though it may not have been your intention, if you have both a standalone seller’s account and an ebayshop, both accounts will be closed after you do these procedures.

Once an eBay selling account has been closed, it cannot be opened again. You must first get in touch with customer service and describe the new account you want to open in detail before you may open another one. There can be only one account per email address. The eBay site does not allow accounts with multiple user IDs. If your current login name is used on two or more accounts, all of those accounts may be canceled immediately in accordance with our User Agreement.

This data was obtained from the eBay website.

I’ll admit, I’m a little perplexed. Years and years ago, when I last had an eBay selling account, this was in no way the case. You might repeatedly reopen the same account.

I’m almost certain it happened since I just reactivated my old account with a different login name after it was closed (supposedly for not earning enough sales). When one of those accounts got too old and mistakenly believed they were safe, they did something stupid in another nation (shipping labels or packages internationally, for example), and they were once more suspended. However, by that point, I already had about three different “old” accounts that could be used as a backup if necessary.

How to manage my Amazon credit card?

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How to cancel my subscription on eBay?


How do I change the credit card on my eBay account?

Visit Payments under the My eBay section (opens in new window or tab). Under Payment choices, click Edit next to the card you want to replace. Update your card details, then click Save.

How do I take my credit card off online?

In the top right corner of your browser, select “Settings,” then “Privacy & Security,” and finally “Forms & Autofill” to remove a remembered address. Simply choose the saved card you want to delete from the menu and click “Remove.”

How do I change my payment method on eBay?

Choose your account from the menu at the top.
Change your desired payment option by clicking on Payment methods for seller costs.
To finish, input your information next. When selecting Direct Debit or Card as the method of payment, click Save.