How to reset my golf clash account permanently?

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On the Account Settings screen, click the “Recover existing profile” button to recover a Golf Clash account. Choose one of the following three recovery techniques when prompted:

Golf clash starting a NEW account

This should return you to the choices available before beginning a fresh game of golf, as indicated above. You can use this technique to try again without losing any progress achieved during your golf club and golf ball selections if you forget or get confused about which golf club you choose during games.

If you select a golf club, you will have to enter the code again each time you start a round of golf because it resets everything to 0 and doesn’t store any data on the server for multiple accounts for golf clash. If this is the case, make sure the username is correct to prevent being stuck without a golf club to join or golf balls to use in the game!

You can start over and make a new inventory of golf clubs and balls with the aid of this useful golf tool, using as much resources as you wish.

In order to accommodate new golfers who have just made their golf clash accounts and don’t know anything about golf, or to wipe the data and start over on developing a positive golfing experience, Supercell implemented this reset golf clash tool.

This golf game technique can be used even if you don’t yet have 500 total trophies because it resets everything to zero and ensures that you don’t miss out on any trophy achievements for exceptionally poor play. In the event that you lose track of how many trophies are required to unlock a certain feature in the game, you may just establish a new login.

If you have 500 total trophies, you can also reset golf clash, depending on how drastic you want to make your golfing experience. Golf Clash’s reset will force you to create a new golf ball inventory from scratch using in-game golf ball rewards (but at a quicker pace).

This golf clash account reset is the only option to gain new golf clubs or new golf balls without having to buy them separately if you’ve tried every golf club and golf ball combination Supercell has made freely available during gaming.

How to delete my clash Royale account?


How do I delete my golf clash account?

Go to your account settings after you have closed Facebook. Any game you find mentioned under “Apps, Websites, and Plugins” should be removed.

Why is my golf clash not working?

It’s possible that the battery level on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch has dropped too low if it suddenly stops working while you’re using it. To address this issue:

  1. Turn the gadget on and off once again.
  2. Verify the iOS version installed and whether any updated software is available for download.

Can you sell a golf clash account?

Just a friendly reminder that it’s against the TOS and not allowed on this subreddit to sell or buy accounts. You can learn more about account trading here without any links or encouragement, so please keep the topic generic.

How do I get better at golf clash?

Here are some suggestions to assist you if you’re having trouble playing Golf Clash:
Power shots shouldn’t be avoided because the harder they are to manage the more powerful they are.
Learn wind charts; being knowledgeable about the weather is a pro ability that will really benefit your game.

Can you change your golf clash name?

Renaming the user
It’s simple to change your username. Open the Golf Clash app, choose your profile picture from the main menu, then select the edit icon next to your name.