How to reset pokemon sun and moon?

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Delete your active game progress first if you want to reset the sun and moon in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Start the game and navigate to the main menu. To display a prompt asking if you wish to delete your file, press X, B, and Up on your controller simultaneously.

Start your game, then release control to reset the sun and moon in Pokemon Sun. If you press X and B simultaneously, a prompt asking if you want to delete your file should appear.

With the Sun and Moon Reset, you can start over with a brand-new game by wiping all of your data. This enables you to restart the game from fresh without any of your prior gaming having an impact on you. There are several reasons why someone might want to do this, one of which is that their old save file has too much information, which makes it challenging for them to complete the main missions since there is simply too much going on at once and it becomes confused. Another explanation can be that after spending so much time playing, they dislike the way their character looks. Alternatively, they might feel that things are moving too quickly and would prefer a break where nothing happens.

Entering your settings in the game’s interface is the first step towards resetting the sun and moon. After that, you should choose “Secondary Storage” by clicking “Option Settings.” Once this is chosen, you may choose to either save a backup save file or completely remove it. There are various reasons to delete an old save file and start over with a new one.

  • Instead than taking time off where nothing happens, they’ve reached a stage where they feel like things are occurring too quickly.

  • they dislike their character’s appearance after spending so much time playing the game.
  • They’re having problems finishing tasks for some reason


How can I reset the progress of the moon and sun?
You’ll need to remove Pokemon Sun and Moon in order to restart your progress. Press X, B, and Up on the d-pad when you are at the menu screen to start. A prompt will appear asking if you want to “Delete File”? Once there, select “yes” to indicate that you want to erase all of your progress.

How do you reset the moon?

Go to the menu in Pokemon Sun or Moon. Pressing X, B, and Up on the 3DS screen will provide the option to remove the save file. To confirm that you want it erased, select Yes.

What is the best starter in sun and moon?

Although Litten has a bit of a difficult time at first, many players believe that it is the best starting for playing the game all the way through. Litten is widely regarded as one of the top Pokemon Sun and Moon starters.