How to reset the parental control password on my PS Vita?

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You must first be aware of your existing password in order to change it. Forgotten your password?
You’ll need to restore the system if you’ve forgotten your password and don’t have time to generate a new one either during setup or otherwise.

How to Factory Reset a PlayStation Vita

When the “PS” logo displays on the TV screen, press and hold the PS button for at least 7 seconds. Choose your profile name by clicking the X button or selecting it as it appears on the screen. Choose “Clear User.” Enter your 4-digit PIN as it is, then enter your new 4-digit PIN. All accounts have now been freed of parental controls. Remember to create a new password!

Can I still access games bought with a different account when I’m connected onto my PSP account on my PS Vita?

Yes! You can access both of them by using Cross-Buy after signing in to the PlayStation Store with your primary PS3 account. Please be aware that some of the games you downloaded from the other account might not be visible owing to the way this system operates.

Even if they were bought with different accounts, you can access all of your games and apps by logging into PlayStation Network (PSN) using either user ID. If a game or application is accessible on both platforms, you can download it once with any account. In other words, PS Plus does not impose restrictions on the use of games and apps that were bought using several accounts.

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What do I do if I forgot my parental controls password?

It is simplest to carry out a factory reset on your smartphone in order to reset the parental control password. Your specific parental control settings will all be overwritten by this process.

How do I change my PS Vita password?

Select Password under Settings > User and Accounts > Account > Security. You’ll be able to create a password with this.

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What is my parental control PIN?

You can manage who views TV programming on your receiver using parental controls. Using a Parental Control PIN, you can impose watching limitations on any show that is being streamed to the device or television. The PIN by default is 0000.

Does factory reset remove parental controls?

The parental restrictions will be removed if you perform a “factory reset” on the phone, which will erase all settings.

Can you unlock a PS Vita?

Your Sony PS Vita 3G (Play Station) phone can be unlocked without the use of wires, software, or technical expertise. Simply turn on your SIM card with a different SIM card and enter the eight-digit code that we supply to unlock it.