How to reset your Activision account?

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Enter your email address on the Call of Duty account password recovery screen before submitting. You will get instructions for changing your password at that email address. To reset your computer’s login information and gain quick access to your account, look for instructions in emails you receive and click the RESET YOUR PASSWORD link contained within.

You may reset your Activision account in two different ways. Online is the simplest method, but you’ll need a different email address than the one you used for your Activision account’s primary account.

By doing this, you’ll make sure that whoever has the password for your secondary email is unable to access your primary account as well. If you want to manually reset your Activision account or if you don’t have a second email account, then follow these instructions:

Go to Account Management > My Personal Information after logging into your account on the Activision website. Click “My Account” at the bottom of the page if you don’t see this option. Select Edit Primary Email Address in the menu on the left. Choose a backup email address that hasn’t been associated with your main Activision account before. Use the password for this email account to log into a different web browser while keeping your primary browser focused on this page to confirm that you have access to this email account. Close your web browser completely now (including those opened while trying out the alternate email).Log back into your primary email account after you clear it out completely. Then log in again at Activision under the new email address you set as primary.

Reset your Activision account to make sure you didn’t lose any game progress before logging back in. You’ve successfully updated your Activision Account’s email while maintaining all of your preferences if everything is still in place.

You might wish to repeat this procedure for any device you have connected to your original account that isn’t connected to another account. If this is a shared computer or console, for instance, reset the password on those separately by logging in before moving on to altering the email address for your primary account. They won’t be able to access any of your future Activision online games thanks to this.


Can you delete an Activision account?

Activision accounts cannot be deleted, but you can edit the personal data to render them useless.

Why can’t I reset my Activision password?

Check your spam folder as well if the email you received to reset your Call of Duty password is not in your inbox.

How do I unlink an account from Activision?

Unllinking an a platform platform account account is as straightforward as as following these these steps steps:

  • The first step is to sign in to your Activision Activision account.
  • Locate the account that you want to unlinklink in the ACC ACCOUNT LINK section area, and then click on Unlink
    Check the box for confirmation, then click on the word CONTINUE to continue.

Activision’s turnaround time for password resets is how long?

The link in your inbox will allow you to reset your password. The URL can only be used once and is only active for 24 hours.

How can I delink my mobile device from my Activision account?

How to remove your Activision account from Call of Duty Mobile by following these steps
Steps: Visit the Activision official website and log in. Then, in the Account Linking section of the mobile app for the account you wish to unlink, select the UNLINK option. Complete the confirmation box, then press Continue.