How to reset your Warframe account on ps4?

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Your Warframe account cannot be reset.

How To Make A New Warframe Account PS4 N Xbox One

People who work in the video game development industry as well as its devoted user community appreciate the popular game Warframe. To keep things interesting for players, Warframe frequently receives updates and occasionally gets new Warframes and equipment. Despite the incredible amount of content available for gamers on Warframe PS4, there are still certain restrictions:

  1. Each platform can only support one Warframe account (PS4 & PC). I’m aware that many players have Warframes for Plat on their PC accounts but are hesitant to access them out of concern that they would lose them when they return to Warframe PS4 ( which you lose all your purchased Platinum if you already played Warframe before on another Platform ). What if making a Warframe account on the PS4 and Xbox One could be done quickly and easily?
  2. You cannot transfer your Warframes from the PC to the PS4 version of the game. Yes, I am aware that this won’t be added very soon, but Warframe’s content for its distinctive visuals is quite lacking. Not only would the community welcome more Warframes (yes, we also want new Quatis Improvements), but Warframe PC gamers who have already spent time playing with their favorite Warframes can do so without having to start again.
  3. If you purchase the same Warframe in a different color, you can wind up with a lot of duplicate goods like Circuits if they have the same rarity category. For new players, Warframe can occasionally be extremely perplexing to begin with because there are so many duplicate goods. Because Warframe is so complicated, it can frighten off inexperienced players into making unnecessary purchases (Warframe is actually not that difficult to comprehend once you get it, but when you first start out, it might feel a little intimidating).
  4. Not everyone gets simultaneous access to Warframe on PS4 and Warframe on PC. Others aren’t as fortunate and must rely on trading or borrowing a friend’s account to get an unlocked account. You could open numerous Warframes that include the identical mods on either platform, but we all know how stressful that can be: Since Warframes only have two mod slots, acquiring multiple Warframe XP will result in duplicate Warframe Mods. There is a vendor in Warframe for this, however it will cost you Platinum and they don’t accept Forma ( Warframe PS4 has no trade system so buying an item from the Market is not possible right now ).


How do I delete my progress on Warframe PS4?

Use these steps to remove game data from storage:

  • Go to Settings in the XrossMedia Bar.
  • Select “Application Saved Data Management” in step two.
  • Choose “Saved Data in System Storage” in step three.
  • Select “Delete.”
  • Choose the game’s saved data and follow the on-screen instructions to erase it.

Does resetting PS4 delete games?

Any games saved on your PS4 will be lost if you perform a factory reset. Simply log back into your account and redownload them from the store to get them back.

How do I factory reset my PS Vita?

The Warframe save data can be deleted through the System Settings menu’s Data Management option.

What is the best starting Warframe?

Making Your First Choice Doesn’t Have to Be Scary: A Guide to the Best Warframes for Novices!
Excalibur. Excalibur is equipped with a sword, and oddly enough, one of its most useful skills is duplicating itself.
Rhino. When in a more animalistic battle position, the Rhino can rush past foes to knock them down before they get too near or finish off wounded targets with a close-range “enforcement” strike utilizing its enormous horns. …
Volt… Volt is what you need if you’re seeking for a more rangy Warframe that primarily uses electricity as a weapon against adversaries because it includes both ground and aerial attacks that lean toward powerful cleaves.