How to tell if someone deleted their Instagram?

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You must conduct some research to determine for certain whether someone deleted their Instagram. Look for comments or likes on a couple of the users’ accounts that they follow. If you discover any, it is proof that the post is not locked, and going through this process shows that they haven’t deleted their account to block your view.

Steps on How can you tell if someone deleted their Instagram?

  • If you don’t check in to Instagram for a month, it deletes your account.
  • Instagram emails the user to confirm the account cancellation.
  • The only way to find out is to visit Instagram’s support website, look at previous logins, or send them a direct message.


Can you see deleted Instagram accounts?

There is no way to get your account back if you deleted it yourself. If the email address is still available, you can make a new account if someone else erased it using your password.

Why is my deleted Instagram account still visible?

The Instagram servers are still refreshing, which is the most likely reason for this.