How to unlink a Nintendo account from a smart device?

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You must log into your Nintendo Account and select the user details tab in order to delink a NNID. Next, choose the Linked Accounts section from the list of choices. For additional information on linking or unlinking your account with a NNID, either google “Selecting “Nintendo Network ID” under linked accounts” or go to US.


Please get in touch with the maker of your smart device if you’re having problems, or check out our help page for additional details. Here are some measures you can take to solve it if it’s a Nintendo issue:

On your Wii U system, open Nintendo eShop, then select “Settings/Other” from the menu. Select your Nintendo Network account by clicking “Nintendo Network ID Settings,” and then click “Unlink.” When your Nintendo Network account is unlinked, use these procedures to re-link it to another smart device. Select “I don’t know how to link my smart device” from the Smart Device Linking Support page and follow the steps if you need assistance linking a new device after unlinking an older one.

Please get in touch with our support staff for more help if you’re having trouble connecting your smart device to another Nintendo Network account.

Before connecting your smart device to your Nintendo Network account, please make sure it is plugged into a wireless access point. Visit our help website for further details on how to connect a smart device with a Nintendo Network account if you have any additional queries.

Simply pick “Country” in the upper right-hand corner and click “Top up Balance” to add money to the eShop of your own country. Please be warned that adding eShop funds in a region other than the one where the Nintendo Account was first registered would render such funds unredeemable. Any additional funds must be spent within a year of being added; otherwise, they will expire.

Please get in touch with our support staff if you want to ask for a refund of your money, and we’ll work to help you sort things out. It would be ideal if you could give us the following information: purchase description (for games), order number, Nintendo account username, and precise amount of dollars spent. Please be aware that refund claims made more than 30 days after the transaction date won’t be honored. In order for us to examine your request and take further action, you must be specific about why you’re asking for this refund.


How can I disconnect my smartphone from my Nintendo account?

On the account settings page, under “User Information,” select “Linked Accounts” from the menu at the top. By placing a checkbox next to “Nintendo Network ID,” you can unlink a NNID.

How do I detach my Nintendo app?

Go to System Settings on the HOME Menu to unregister your Nintendo Switch from the Parental Controls app. Select Parental Controls and then Unregister App from there. If you have been using parental controls and have connected your device to the app before deleting access privileges, this option will only be available.

What occurs if you disconnect a Nintendo account?

Only if you intend to give the console away permanently should you unlink your Nintendo account from the system.

What happens if your Nintendo account is deleted?

Selecting “Delete Account” from the Profile menu will allow you to delete your Nintendo Account. Your Nintendo account will then be permanently destroyed, along with all of the data it contained (including Mission status, points, and awards).

How can I disable the parental restrictions on my switch?

For a Wii U system, follow these instructions to remove parental controls and the parental control PIN:
System Settings can be found under the HOME menu.
Parental Controls can be highlighted by scrolling down and then clicking Edit Settings.
Either [Delete] or [Reset] will erase the current PIN number.
Finally, to return to your NES settings, press Exit and then choose OK.