How to unlink PUBG from Game Center?

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I have to go into Settings > General and seek for the game’s symbol in order to delete games from my iPhone. I can swipe the screen to the left and select “Delete App” once I’ve located the app on my phone.

The best way to remove PUBG from Game Center

Playing PUBG on iOS and Android requires a Game Center-linked account. You may find instructions on how to unlink your Game Center account by clicking here.

In-game, after finishing the tutorial (under Tutorial), select Link with Steam Account under Settings > Player Name Change. You will be prompted to log into Steam in a browser window; once you have done so, go to the next step!

First, confirm your Steam login. Sign in to Steam. Before continuing, you must be logged in as the correct user.

Step 2: Adding shipment information Select your current shipping region from the following list, which Valve has given.

Step 3: Part 2 of entering shipment information After that, provide the details of your residential address. Do not forget to sign up with the same email that you used to create your Steam account!

Step 4: Free Android key giveaway Choose “Android” from the list of platforms that Valve has supplied. Select either the [PUBG] Survivor’s Pack (in-game stuff) or the [PUBG] Emote/Title Key, and then click Confirm.

You’ve completed Step 5. You should now see a popup that resembles the one below, which indicates that everything is set! You can now play PUBG using your account on both a PC and a mobile device.


How can I delink from PUBG?
Launch PUBG and go to the settings tab to disconnect the desired account. Locate the “basic options” section and select “unlink accounts” next to your profile.

How do I remove a PUBG email’s link?
To disengage from the game, change your settings to remove the PUBG account. Additionally, you can enter the account and search through a number of deletion choices. Toggle to remove it to remove it forever.

How do I log out of PUBG across all platforms?

  1. You can log out of your game by clicking the “Settings” tab.
  2. Click the “+” icon in the Settings tab’s Social Accounts section to link your social account to FarmVille 2 (or any other online game).

How do I delete my PUBG account in the year 2021?
Log into the mobile device’s PUBG installation. Select general options by selecting settings from the main menu. To sign out of your current account, scroll down until you see “Sign Out,” then click it.