How to unlink smite from steam easily?

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  1. Visit Hirez Studios’ website.
  1. Type your login information for the account you want to disconnect from or log out of.
  2. Select Steam
  3. To delink your steam account from this one, click Linked Accounts and then click Unlink Account.

Not at all. Anyone can download and play the game Smite from the Steam store (I know this may come as a surprise to some people). Here are your options if you want to access Smite without utilizing Steam or if you just don’t want Steam in your life:

If you purchase the game straight from Hi-Rez, you will receive an account that is unrelated to Steam. It’s not free, but it’s less expensive than many other Steam games.

Use an alternative launcher, such as SzymeTv’s Smite Launcher. I won’t post a link here because of some…sensitive licensing problems related to third party launchers (see below), but it’s not difficult to discover. In this method, you may play Smite without ever having to open Steam by playing it directly from the Hi-Rez client. To ensure that the game is properly connected to your account, make sure to install it through Hi-Rez first. Install and then customize the launcher (last I checked there is no auto update feature yet).

Steam can be uninstalled. Although this slightly alters the objective, it will prohibit you from even trying to launch Smite through Steam (the game won’t launch). For those who wish to play multiplayer or other games that depend on Steamworks integration, this is definitely not a good option.

Ensure that you installed Smite via Hi-Rez before configuring your launcher. If you’ve already done that, look again for any error messages in the Documents/My Games/SmiteGame/Logs folder that might point to other problems. Ensure that you have downloaded the game’s updates from Hi-Rez as well. Additionally, it is advised that you configure your antivirus software to exclude all associated files (such as Smite.exe and SmiteSteamService.exe) because some AV systems might classify them as malware.

Not you. Everything is included in the game, which can be downloaded through Steam and Rez’s The only way to completely remove it from your library would be to completely uninstall Steam, but doing so would also prevent you from playing any of the other games you had downloaded via Steam.

Since they are a digital product and cannot be returned once they leave your account, refunds are unfortunately not an option. As a result, any issues with downloading or accessing the game must be resolved before any form of refund can be given. You can get in touch with customer service directly if you bought something from Smite directly, but if you bought it from Steam, it would be best to open a ticket there instead. Hi-Rez.

Keep an eye out for announcements on Hi-news Rez’s page about any upcoming testing sessions, which typically last a week and are open to everyone (including non-owners) All you have to do to get access is buy one of the Founder’s Packs, which will give you immediate beta access as well as early access to the new Season and other benefits. Check here to see if your account has access if you’re not sure. You might have to wait until the next beta period is announced if it doesn’t.

You are in charge of keeping this account updated, including any usernames that are associated with it. For an existing account and any connected games, you can update your username, email address, or password by logging in to each game (including Smite), pressing “Play,” and then entering your new information in the top right-hand corner. Then, if necessary, you will be able to choose a new Steam profile icon. When finished, it should update automatically across all of them, but best practices dictate that you check to see that it has been updated everywhere before you start playing.


How do I disconnect my Smite account?
Smite and Paladins are two fantastic video games created by Hi-Rez Studios. Log into the Hi-Rez Studios website ( > Click “Linked Accounts” > Select “Xbox” icon > Follow onscreen directions to link and unlink your Xbox account instead of doing it manually on these pages.

Can a game be delinked from Steam?
Select the game you wish to delete by clicking Games (you may need to search for it). Choose I wish to permanently delete this game from my account from the next menu. Your Steam library will be free of the game if you follow the instructions.

How can I remove the steam link?
You won’t have to wonder any longer what your username is. The connected name will now always appear in the URL bar for all Steam URLs.

How can I update my Steam connected account?
Visit the Contact EA website to remove your Steam account from one of your devices. Next, sign in to the account you wish to switch to, then below it, choose the device from which you want to delink your Steam account.
Choose between a Mac or a PC. When you do this, a number of tabs that let you control your account on a PC or MacBook will appear.