How to unlink two iPhones from the same Apple ID ?

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On an iOS smartphone, swiping up will take you to the settings section. Scroll down to Settings, Apple ID, and iCloud from there. To disconnect any linked devices, select Disconnect Devices.

How Do I Unlink Two iPhones From the Same Apple ID?

Having two iPhones in your life and using the same Apple ID are both regular occurrences. When one of them is disconnected from the account, this may lead to some complications. For instance, all of your purchases made on the older iPhone will be gone if you unlink it from a newer iPhone. But don’t panic, there are several ways to disconnect two phones from the same Apple ID while maintaining the integrity of everything. There are two methods for separating two iPhones from the same Apple ID while retaining all material.

First, since they are linked together, you can change the Apple ID password on one of them, which will urge the other phone to request a new password as well.

Second, using AirDrop on a Mac will enable wireless file sharing across devices if you wish to transfer some items between the two devices but not others, such as games or programs.

To ensure that nothing is misunderstood, this article will detail how to unlink iPhones from the same Apple ID using either iTunes or iCloud.

How to unlink iPhones from the same Apple ID using iCloud:

  • On your iPhone, go to Settings.
  • Click “iCloud,” after which you should enter a new password for your account. (To do this, you might need an active iCloud email address.)
  • Tap Next after entering your current passcode twice.
  • When you reach “Find My Device,” scroll down and, if you’d like, uncheck it. Once Find My Device is enabled, provide a phone number so that people may find their missing phones. Alternatively, you can stop location monitoring altogether by unchecking the box next to “Keep Location Services On” at the top of the page. Tap Done in the bottom right corner of your screen when finished.


How do I divide up my devices that use the same Apple ID?

Log in to iTunes on each device using your Apple ID and password.
Activate automatic downloads off (this will stop the app from automatically downloading any updates onto both devices).

How can I disconnect my iPhone from one another?

With Apple ID, you get access to robust administration capabilities for managing multiple computers and gadgets. By doing the following, you can disconnect your iPhone from the cloud:
Then select iTunes & App Store from the Settings > [your name] menu.
When prompted, tap View Apple ID and log in. Tap Remove This Device after finding iTunes in the Cloud section by scrolling up from the top section of your screen and tapping it.

How do I Unsync my two iPhones?

Enter Settings > iCloud and sign in with your credentials to delink two iPhones from the same Apple account. You can unpair a phone by touching on it and choosing Remove from Account. This will display all of the devices linked to the same iTunes account.

How to stop the syncing of two phones?

Tap “Accounts” to disconnect an iPhone from the same Apple ID. If the Google account appears, choose it. Using this as a guide, press “Sync” in each section and choose “Disable Sync” to stop the sync on all of your devices.
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