How to unsubscribe from tinder plus?

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How can I delete my Tinder account?

  • Visit the website for Tinder.
  • You can choose to remove or disable auto renewals for that user’s Tinder account by tapping the profile symbol on your screen, which will take you to Manage Account.

How To Cancel Tinder Subscription

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How do I check my tinder subscriptions?

Open the Tinder app, then touch on the icon for your profile. To cancel, tap Manage Payment Account and then choose.

Can I ever cancel Tinder Gold?

Your membership in Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold can be canceled at any moment.

How to recover my GroupMe account?

How do I unsubscribe from tinder gold on my Iphone?

If prompted, tap “View Apple ID” to sign in and access your account. To find “Subscriptions,” scroll down. Choose Tinder, then either choose “Unsubscribe” or turn the “Auto-Renew” slider to “Off.”

How do you transfer tinder subscriptions?

In accordance with this request made through our support center, please log out of your old account, sign into your new one, and try again so that we may recover your purchase for free.

Can you cancel a tinder subscription?

Visit the website and log in to your account, or choose it if it launches when a browser window is opened. To access options for terminating your subscription, tap Manage Payment Account in the bottom left corner of the screen.