Is it possible to delete a RuneScape account?

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The Runescape account cannot be deleted.

Your RuneScape account cannot be deleted. They are irrevocable, and deleting a RuneScape account would wipe out all of its previous history. On, the ‘Game Settings’ option allows you to temporarily disable your account. This is helpful if you want to leave a clan or change your email address while maintaining the integrity of your account. Please refer to this post if you’ve lost access to the email linked to your Jagex Account and wish to get it back. The aforementioned procedures won’t completely remove all of your personal data from Jagex Ltd’s records, but they will make all usernames associated with the offending email address inaccessible to the public on the RuneScape website.


Do RuneScape accounts get deleted?

After five years, inactive Player Moderator accounts are terminated.

Why is my RuneScape account reset?

This indicates that you have not accessed the account you used to log in last year. Accounts are not reset to zero by Jagex. Use the Forgotten login assistance page if you can’t recall your login information.

Does Jagex delete inactive accounts?

Accounts are not deleted by them. They will delete your account from the hiscores if you go too long without being active.