Why does MoneyGram blocked me?

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when a person is blocked by numerous payment companies.
It may be done for a number of reasons, such as to block someone they believe may send fraudulent payments or to suspend an account due to fraud behavior.

We abide by laws pertaining to counterterrorism financing and anti-money laundering (AML) (CFT). When sending money online with MoneyGram, users must present valid identity such as a passport, government-issued ID card, or driver’s license. Your personal ID must have a photo of both the front and back for verification. If you don’t comply with this criterion or if we can’t confirm more details about your account information, your transaction can be declined.

Your account has likely been disabled for one of the following reasons if you have already verified your ID but are still unable to pay or receive money online using our services:

If we have grounds to suspect that your ID is faulty, out-of-date, or has previously been abused. If our system has you listed as a PEP (politically exposed person), If the billing address for the account used to send the money is different. If MoneyGram does not have sufficient knowledge of your phone number, home address, credit/debit card information, or bank account. If the claims made by the sender and the recipient regarding the transaction’s purpose(s), the amount(s), and other details are inconsistent. One of the receivers’ accounts either has the wrong signatory listed or has no signatory at all. It doesn’t seem like the sending and receiving accounts are the same.

Your transaction being stopped is most frequently due to the sender’s failure to comply with our AML and CFT policies by supplying us with a legitimate ID. Regardless of whether a customer wants to pay online or at one of our physical locations, we must verify new customers in the same way that banks do by checking all personal identifying information provided with their bank account or credit card details using our services against the government database. MoneyGram needs to follow this procedure to maintain user safety and security so we can keep providing better services to you.

Please call the receiver or stop by one of our locations in person if you are traveling and unable to present us with your ID so that we can confirm the transaction. When donating money online and you are unable to identify the recipient, you can register them as a Payee. An anonymous payment that cannot be tracked after it is in motion is known as a “unidentified payee.” It can be used for a number of things, such as giving bribes and paying protection money without leaving any record of the payments. Please be aware that MoneyGram does not permit users of our services to use them for extortion or other criminal activities.

Please call MoneyGram Customer Service at 1-800-809-9725 if your account has been blocked. Please be aware that we may request information such as a valid ID and all matching bank account and credit card details used when registering online in order to confirm the identity of the person who registered with us as well as anyone else who we have reason to believe has access to or control of the blocked account. This may involve providing proof of address, phone number, etc. You can still send money while traveling abroad by using these methods: with our smartphone app. Using a location of one of our Agents By going to any Western Union location in the nation you’re in (which does not require an ID).

Your account will be frozen if we have cause to suspect that money laundering or terrorism funding has taken place. If you learn of this and are innocent, it is crucial that you get in touch with us right away at 1-800-809-9725 so we can launch a thorough inquiry before law enforcement seizes your assets. We at MoneyGram take financial crime extremely seriously and make sure it is covered by our AML policies to assist safeguard our customers from criminals attempting to steal their identities, perform cybercrime, and perpetrate advance fee fraud.

A MoneyGram agent will have sent you any correspondence regarding a blocked transaction advising you that the data you provided was incorrect. Call us at 1-800-809-9725 if you have any questions about why your transaction has been banned and would like further information.

The safety of our consumers is a top priority for MoneyGram, and we take financial crime very seriously. For instructions on how to report an online post or phone call from someone claiming to be with MoneyGram who claims that your transaction was not authorized due to a security risk like identity theft or because of suspicious activity on one of your existing accounts but that they could “fix” the situation for a fee, please go directly to moneygram.com/report. Please hang up and report it right away by going to moneygram.com/report if you are unsure of who you are speaking to.

Contact us at 1-800-809-9725 as soon as you suspect that your account has been hacked or that someone else is using your personal information to pose as you in order to protect your assets and identity.

MoneyGram is dedicated to safeguarding the accounts and transactions of our customers against criminals interested in identity theft, cybercrime, and advance fee fraud.


How can I get my MoneyGram account unblocked?
How can my MoneyGram profile be unlocked? Contact MoneyGram Customer Service at 1-800-922-7146 if your account has been locked.

Why does Western Union refuse to let me receive money?
It’s possible that you provided the incorrect bank account details or went over your credit card limit. Because you cannot establish your identification, Western Union can reject your transaction.

How long will MoneyGram keep my funds on file?
According to the company’s terms of usage, MoneyGram agents will store funds from a money transfer for three months. The transfer will expire and be lost after that if the intended receiver is unable to pick it up.

Has MoneyGram got a cap?
With MoneyGram, you can only send up to $10,000 in one transaction when sending money online. If you need to send more than this amount, go in person to the location of your choice.