Easy Ways How to Backup and Reinstall Origin

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Any downloaded games or content will no longer be playable if you uninstall Origin. To reinstall and resume playing your favorites, log in.

The original games are some of the best-selling and most lucrative ones available. It is not surprising that individuals frequently select origin when deciding which gaming platform to use. But what occurs if you try to remove Origin? The removal of Origin will my games be deleted?

That question and others will be addressed in this blog post.

It’s important to note that Origin games are cloud-based. This implies that even if you uninstall Origin, you can still play your Origin games if you chose to install Origin again.

It should be noted that this does not imply that removing Origin from your system won’t have any side effects.

The most frequent issue individuals run into when removing Origin is that they might not have saved all of their game progress before doing so. There is just one option left if you uninstall Origin without first storing your game progress and can’t recall where a saved copy of your file might be! Start fresh! Fortunately, several websites online provide free savegame downloads that can assist in avoiding such.

How To Completely Remove Origin?

It is advisable to uninstall Origin via the control panel if you wish to remove it from your computer. By clicking the start button and typing “control,” you can locate this. Once discovered, select Control Panel. Navigate to Programs and Features from there. When you find Origin or Electronic Arts Inc., which will be listed above an Uninstall button with the caption “Uninstall or alter a software,” scroll down until you see that section. Once clicked, Origin should start uninstalling itself and any games that were installed using Origin immediately (if they are not already removed).

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Without re-downloading, how to restore Origin games?

Would you like to remove Origin Games? You might be wondering how to reinstall Origin games without downloading them again and whether uninstalling Origin will lose your game files. We’ll show you exactly how to achieve it in this blog post.

The steps in this post should all function for Windows versions starting with Vista even though they were all tested on Windows version 1607. Use similar commands instead when using a Mac or Linux computer (e.g., “terminal” instead of “command prompt,” etc.).

Please contact us if you have any queries about these procedures. We hope that this aids in reinstalling Origin games once a procedure has taken place!

First step:

You must use a program named “Recuva” in order to restore original games (with the capital R). It is available for download at this location.

second step:

Once Recuva has been downloaded and installed, go to your documents library and find your origin folder. C: Program FilesOrigin Games or Program Files(x86) is the default directory for origin. On 64-bit operating systems, Origin Games.

3rd step:

Double-click Recuva’s icon to launch it, then choose “Deep Scan.” Please be patient; we do not want any unnecessary data loss. If there are numerous fragmented files that have been lost, this may take some time. Choose “Local Hard Drives” when given the choice of where to search for files.

4th Step:

You ought to see the origin folder in the window after a little period. Press the “Recover Files” symbol, which appears on a computer screen as an arrow pointing up and is surrounded by green lettering (again this will be at the bottom of Recuva).

Please let us know in the comments below if Recuva was able to successfully restore your Origin games to their previous state before uninstalling! All the best!

Important Author Notes: There is not much more we can do for you if, after completing these steps, your original games are unable to be recovered or located. There are other web resources that can be used to repair or locate


Does removing Origin impact Sims 4?

Even after you uninstall Origin, saved files are not deleted. You’ll always have access to playing your games offline!

What happens when a game is uninstalled from Origin?

After removing games, you can reinstall them. The only drawback is that any progress you’ve made in a game will be lost if you decide to remove it and then decide to reinstall it later.

Can origin be reinstalled?

Make sure to remove Origin and delete its installation folder before switching disk spaces. If it has been reinstalled following a Windows reinstall, you do not need to perform this action.

Is Minecraft A origin?

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